The latest Cohen brothers film stars George Clooney, Tilda Swinton and Channing Tatum – but is it as successful as their previous films? 

The Guardian:**** Peter Bradshaw wrote that: “It’s not encumbered with significance, but richly affectionate and very entertaining.”

Den of Geek: Ryan Lambie thought the film: “is a messy, lavish treat.”

Financial Times: *** Nigel Andrews summed the film up by describing it as and: “erratically mirthful movie.”

The Telegraph:*** Tim Robey said: “The Coen brothers’ razzle-dazzle Hollywood comedy has more gags than plot.”

Empire:**** Dan Jolin commented: “what Hail, Caesar! essentially amounts to is a series of impressively mounted pastiches.”

Variety: Justin Chang described the film as: “a gorgeously crafted romp through vintage Hollywood.”

Hollywood Reporter: Todd McCarthy wrote: “As always with the Coens, the film looks impeccable.”

Rolling Stone: *** (and a half) Peter Travers found: “the Coens pull it off in style. They’re indispensable.”

The Tasha Robinson was slightly disappointed saying: “Hail, Caesar! is a frequently distracted comedy that doesn’t take full advantage of its assets, particularly its cast and the characters they play.”

The New York Times: “Hail, Caesar! at times brings to mind one of those old plot-free film revues that featured a grab bag of studio talent performing in strung-together musical, comic and dramatic scenes.”

The Independent: **** Geoffrey Macnab commented: “This is one of the Coen brothers’ jolliest and most carefree films.”

Radio Times: **** Andrew Collins said: “Hail, Caesar! may not have a lot to say, but what it does say, it says with true love, which is: aren’t movies just swell?”




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