This new recording from the tenor saxophonist is a bit all over the place and chaotic to listen to, but there are some good ideas mixed up in there. 

There is one thing to say about Noah Preminger and his creativity: he is never short of ideas as his latest album ‘Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground’ certainly proves.

From the moody and slightly sinister sounding title track, all the way through to ‘I Shell Not Be Moved’ there is plenty of variety of music that will delight many listeners.

However, on the other side to this it also take a while for the album really to get going and generate some interest given the slightly flat opening numbers. But don’t completely despair, because particularly during the second half of the album things pick up and the album has a more vibrant and positive attitude about it.

This is particularly evident on tracks such as ‘I am the Heavenly Way’ and ‘Hard Times Killin’ Floor Blues’, which have more of bounce and feel good vibes about them that completely changes the listener’s attitude towards the album.

‘Dark Was the Night,Cold Was the Ground’ gradually is able to find its feet and come across as quite a bold and confident album with plenty to say and plenty of ways in which to say it, yet it doesn’t feel completely finished being chaotic in places such as on ‘Spoonful Blues’.

Yet despite this it still has a quirky charm that will certainly appeal to some listeners if not convincing all and it deserves applause for its bravery – but perhaps not the strongest release in terms of the quality of the music. A difficult one to truly appreciate.

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground will be released through on the 6th May. 



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