REVIEW: Lo Specchio by Daniela Mastrandrea

The pianist’s  album is a perfect blend of darkness and light musically, highlighted by her sensitive performances. 

Lo Specchio

There are plenty of words to describe this album from Daniela Mastrandrea. Gorgeous, sensitive and thoughtful are just a few of the words that can be used in association with this album that is filled with plenty of variety, flowing from beginning to end with ease and grace.

From the beautifully melancholic sounding title track, to the energetic and playful sounding ‘Demos’, this is an album that explores plenty of ideas but without compromising the quality of sound. It should also be noted that there is plenty of material (the album is formed of seventeen pieces of music) here to form two albums but all of the pieces are of equal quality that it is understandable why they have all been kept together in this way.

By placing so many pieces on this album, it showcases the scale of Daniela Mastrandrea’s ambition for future releases which based on this album will know no bounds. But this also reveals a sense of uncertainty about which direction the pianist wants to take her music next.

However, it is an album that calls out to all of the emotions, from the haunting and precise sounding ‘Dentro Me’  to the multi-layered ‘A Testa Bassa’, all of the pieces on the album rise and fall with perfect harmony to make for deeply satisfying listen from beginning to end.

Throughout it all, Daniela Mastrandrea plays with perfect precision (which might sound to some ears as slightly cautious) and great feeling for the work that she is performing. It makes for a deeply rich and engaging album to listen to with its range of beautiful sounds  that are simple and stylish.

Ultimately, Lo Specchio is a heartfelt and beautiful sounding album that is easy to sit back and appreciate.

Lo Specchio is released on the 18th May. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤


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