Review Roundup… Eddie the Eagle

Can this story of underdog Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards win over the critics? 

The Guardian: **Peter Bradshaw thought that: “The film’s heart is in the right place, but Jackman and Walken are all wrong.”

Evening Standard:*** David Sexton wrote: “Eddie the Eagle failed better — and here is the ultimate feelgood film to show it.”

The Financial Times: ** Nigel Andrews said: “Its hold on reality is that of a drunkard’s on a lamppost.”

Empire: **** Olly Richards found: “As a man he may never have made the podium, but as a movie Eddie The Eagle flies.”  Andrew Barker commented that: “Never quite nailing the off-kilter vibe it sporadically seems to seek, but functioning reasonably well as a quirkily inspirational shaggy-dog biopic, “Eddie the Eagle” has no real chance of medaling at the box office.”

Den of Geek: ****Simon Brew described the film as: “a very funny film, with one or two bring the house down moments. It’s never less the entertaining, and consistently works ways to bring a smile to your face, without cheating to do so.”

The Telegraph: ***Robbie Collin said: “Jackman’s natural movie-star effortlessness often serves as an antidote to Egerton’s capital-A acting.”

NME: “He’s only a little guy in the sporting world but Edwards’ life makes for a huge joy of a movie.”

The Mirror:*** David Edwards found that: “here’s a hero impossible to dislike with Egerton delivering a memorable turn. All in all, the movie walks off with a respectable bronze.”

The Daily Mail:**** Brian Viner wrote: “Nicely directed by Dexter Fletcher, it’s a lovely film full of heart.”

Rolling Stone: ** Peter Travers wasn’t enthusiastic saying: “Here’s what is true. The reality trumps whatever his missed opportunity of a movie dreams up.”

Radio Times: ***** Alan Jones praised the film calling it: “crowd-pleasing and feel-good.”

The Daily Star: **** Andy Lea commented: “As Egerton’s gurning, one-note performance is beginning to lose its charm, Jackman’s A-list grit arrives just in time.”



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