PREVIEW: DiaoChan: The Rise of the Courtesan @Arts Theatre

New British East Asian Company Red Dragonfly productions will bring their take on a classic Chinese story to London for a three week run in May, ending their UK tour. 

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Running at the Arts Theatre for three weeks in May, the story of Diaochan is one of the oldest in Chinese history. It is taken from The Romance of Three Kingdoms and is often referred to as the Chinese Macbeth and is filled with lust, jealousy and revenge.

The Empire is in turmoil and the tyrant DongZhuo, with the great warrior LuBu at his side, is systematically putting to the sword all those who oppose him. The minister WangYun fears for the lives of his family, but when both DongZhuo and LuBu show a lustful interest in DiaoChan – a singing girl of WangYun’s household – she comes up with a plan that could solve both their problems – a plan that would see DongZhuo fall and see her rise to the ranks of the nobility.

“As British East Asians,” said Artistic Director Michelle Yim, “we want to bring classic tales from our heritage to the British stage in a style that is familiar to European audiences, but in a way that retains the authenticity and spirit of the original story.”

The story has been adapted for the stage and directed by Ross Ericson, with the cast including: Siu-See Hung, Arthur Lee, Benjamin Lok, Angelo Paragoso, Andrew Wong and Michelle Yim.

Following on from their successful production of The Autumn of Han Tour, Red Dragonfly productions continues to aim to showcase modern and classic tales from the East to European and British audiences over the course of three years.

Diaochan:The Rise of the Courtesan will run at the Arts Theatre from the 9th May to the 28th May. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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