Review Roundup… The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Chris Hemsworth returns as the Huntsman, in this sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman – but does it hit the spot with critics? 

The Guardian: * Peter Bradshaw was unimpressed writing: “It really is a nuclear war of dullness.” Guy Lodge described the film as: “rhythmically flat, seemingly committee-helmed franchise outing that never decides on its dramatic center.”

Empire: ** Jimi Famurewa said: “Visual inventiveness and spectacular casting can’t quite salvage a muddled fantasy epic that, if it were a magic mirror, would be held together with gaffer tape.”

Den of Geek: *** Rob Leane thought: “There are some really neat action beats  for Hemsworth and his co-stars, a few very funny moments from the dwarves, and stellar special effects throughout.”

Hollywood Reporter: Leslie Felperin commented: “a slicker, more accessible, possibly more commercial film than its predecessor. And yet there’s something ineffably dispiriting about it. ”

Radio Times: *** Stella Papamichael found that: “the result, while not seamless, still has lots to offer, with sterling performances from the female contingent and a couple of other neat twists on the classic fairy tale.”

IB*** (and a half) Amy West was relatively positive about the film saying: “The Huntsman: Winter’s War is an entertaining couple of hours that will thrill magic-lovers with its deep-rooted make-believe story and its dazzling, embellished visuals. ”

The Upcoming: ** Natasha Furlong thought: “In the end, Huntsman, much like Snow White, is a tale bursting with potential and talent, all of which is underutilised. What remains is in parts enjoyable but mostly forgettable.”



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