First Impressions of…The BFG Trailer

Another Roald Dahl is being adapted for the big screen, starring Mark Rylance as the friendly giant himself. But what can we tell about the film from its first major trailer? 

There is just something about Roald Dahl’s books that seem to capture the imagination – no matter what age you are and it seems that Steven Spielberg is no exception to that rule judging by this trailer.

For those who aren’t familiar with the book, Sophie is a little girl who lives in an orphanage until one night she spots something or someone unusually tall. What follows is an adventure of gigantic proportions that will charm and delight.

This trailer provides the audience’s first glimpse of actor Mark Rylance as the BFG himself and seems a strangely suitable choice – as he seems to capture my image of the friendly giant that I had from reading the book. The accent, his gentle character seem from what I can see just fits the character perfectly.

It is also clear that although there is an awful lot of CGI being used (understandable considering the use of giants), it will remain remarkably faithful to the original story – to hopefully the delight of the fans of the book.

There is plenty of action and entertainment to be had that will no doubt keep younger audiences thrilled from beginning to end.

But it will be particularly interesting to see if the details of what the other giants get up to (which in the book is a little bit gruesome – but obviously not graphic) or whether that element will be left out so not to upset people.

The style looks very clean and sharp – in other words you can tell that it is a Spielberg film. But will it lack Dahl’s sense of humour that appealed to children and adults in the original book?

We will have to wait until July to find out, but judging by this trailer it has the potential to be a popular film over the Summer.



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