The film itself might not be released to next Summer but what thoughts and impressions of the film can we get from the first teaser trailer that has been released? 

Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book has long been a favourite and one that can constantly bring a smile to anyone’s face but judging by this opening sequence for the film it also has darker undertones to it.

Of course for anyone who has read the book, they will know that anything involving giants has the potential for real scariness and it seems that this will be the focus of the film judging by the trailer.

The teaser trailer features the opening section of the book when Sophie is the only one awake when mysterious noises make her go to the window – but what does she see?

The trailer cleverly stays away from revealing too much of what she sees, leaving the audience in high expectation and genuinely wanting to see the film (even if you know the story and what happens).

By featuring the talents of Disney, Roald Dahl and Steven Spielberg combined, the film looks certain of success with audiences and devoted fans of the book.

From this trailer alone, it appears that the film will stick to the book closely – which is a relief.

It looks atmospheric and exciting and yet hopefully not too scary for younger ones who the book is aimed at to enjoy.

Worth a look? Yes of course for adults who read the book when they were little and a way to introduce it to children who may not have got round to reading it yet.


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