Review Round Up…The Jungle Book

This latest reboot of the classic animated Disney film based on Rudyard Kipling’s book is filled with CGI – but can it still impress the critics? 

The Guardian: **** “a terrifically enjoyable piece of old-fashioned storytelling and a beautiful-looking film: spectacular, exciting, funny and fun.”

IGN: ” Favreau’s take on the story amplifies the 1967 animated film’s strengths while also adding new depth and emotional resonance to what was already a strong story.” “The movie strives for photorealism, showcasing the freedom of technology while curbing all of its expressive potential.”

The Indian Express: **** “It’s a little more reminiscent of the jungle and the book than the 1967 Disney classic, a lot, lot darker, and yet, ultimately, as exuberant, with a surprisingly strong and novel message at its heart, in a story that already didn’t lack them.” ” His lightness of touch proves an enormous asset, as he builds this jungle into the type of dangerous, sometimes pitiless setting that an average 10-year-old would nonetheless never want to leave.”

Consequence of Sound: “The musical flourishes help to situate The Jungle Book in a curious space, one unusually realistic and yet appreciably surreal. In this way it’s pure Disney, at once a flight of fancy and applicable to the struggles of everyday existence.”

Time Out:**** “But forget about your worries – this new version is the jungle VIP.”

The Telegraph: **** “all deftly orchestrated by Favreau, who manages to balance spectacle and emotion with the same intuitive touch that made his under-appreciated 2005 family adventure film Zathura so much fun.”

Empire: *** “The result is one of the most visually sumptuous blockbusters this side of Avatar.”

Rolling Stone:*** (half) “Favreau earns giggles and sniffles through the warm humor he brings to the story.”

Radio Times:**** “Favreau has created a wonderful new world that is both faithful to the spirit of the original and gives it enough of a twist to make this new venture worthwhile.”

The Jungle Book is released in cinemas on the 15th April. 

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