PREVIEW: Pool, Griffin Gallery

The Griffin Gallery will be presenting a group exhibition that explores the expanded field of painting via the device of a constructed landscape and a garden. 

Group shot 1, image courtesy of the gallery

Open to the public from the 28th April until the 10th June, the exhibition titled Pool will feature the work of Rebecca Byrne, Ian Davenport, Lee Edwards, Liz Elton, Sarah Jones, Rob Leech, Juliette Losq, Vanessa Maurice-Williams, Onya McCausland, SamMould, Selma Parlour, Kes Richardson and Sarah Kate Wilson.

The show will begin before visitors even set foot into the gallery, with a field of pigment to be walked on and through, before continuing inside with paintings that will appear and disappear thanks to blasts from a fog machine.

This exhibition will feature a variety of work including framed 2D pieces, sculptural work, video and performance.

Visitors are encouraged to get involved with the show directly through deckchairs that can be moved around the space, and a bench for conversation. There will also be a performance that happens during the show – unannounced but working with the artwork.

The aim of the display is to demonstrate the potentiality of painting today and to promote a discussion of its possibilities.

Pool will run at the Griffin Gallery from the 28th April until the 10th June. For further information visit:

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