REVIEW: Tell Me on a Sunday, New Victoria Theatre

Jodie Prenger is exquisite in this stylish production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black’s musical. Tell-Me-On-A-Sunday-2011

Telling the story of one woman’s up and down love life through song is a simple but as in in Paul Foster’s production effective way of getting to know the character through the way she expresses herself.

The role of Emma requires a big personality with plenty of charisma to hold the attention of the audience’s attention from beginning to end and in Jodie Prenger that is exactly what you get. The warmth and character of her vocals really showcases Emma’s story, through the highs and lows of her romantic life.

Her bubbly personality adds a hint of charm and humour to proceedings, particularly during her letters home to her mother. Yet she is equally capable of showing great emotion and heartbreak during her despair over her love affairs – particularly shown during the heartbreaking version of ‘Tell Me on a Sunday’.

But there are still a few issues with the show itself that means that it won’t be to everyone’s taste. The way in which Webber and Black have created a show about one woman might be focused, but watching it feels as though there is a lack of energy and pace to proceedings – hence the need for an actress with an immense personality.

There is no doubting the quality of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music and the sharpness and vivid storytelling in Don Black’s lyrics, but it feels as though it is a very isolating experience in places, particularly in the middle section.

However, there is still strengths to be found in Paul Foster’s production, which definitely looks and feels very natural, allowing Prenger to sweep audiences on a very personal story delivered powerfully.

Although not lacking in quality, Tell Me on a Sunday is a slight show that doesn’t give audiences an awful lot to work with in terms of plot – but somehow still manages to be poignant and heartfelt thanks to the quality of songs and performances. Paul Foster has created a production that allows the music to really ring out, which is the most important thing about the show.

Tell Me on a Sunday continues on its tour until the 8th June. For more information on where the production is visiting and to book tickets visit: . 

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