Michael Crawford returns to the London stage in this new British musical, directed by Roger Haines – but how has it gone down with critics? 

The Guardian: *** Michael Billington wrote: “for all the determination to do Hartley proud, I found this a curiously austere night out.”

Londonist: *** “Musical just isn’t the right genre for intense, psychological narrative of this kind.”

Love London Love Culture: “The eeriness and simplicity of the production’s design and lighting, keeps the show understated.”

Financial Times: *** Ian Shuttleworth said: “without the attraction of Crawford’s name, a resolutely minor-key, innately English production such as this would do no business in the West End.”

The Independent: ****Paul Taylor commented: “it feels like a labour of love that, while faithful to the original, has a striking imaginative integrity in its own right.”

The Telegraph:*** Dominic Cavendish found: “Worth a look, then, but not queuing round the block to see.”

London Theatre.co.uk: **** Mark Shenton summed the production up by saying: “it’s a joy to welcome a tender, truthful original British musical to London that isn’t made up of old pop hits or has been kicking around for over thirty years.”

The Daily Mail: **** Quentin Letts found: “This complex evening will not suit all tastes but you leave the theatre touched by the beauty of lost promise.”

The Times: ** “This is not so much a musical as a play set to music.”

Evening Standard: *** Fiona Mountford wrote: “we long for this elegance to be supplanted for just a few minutes by something more powerful, more tuneful and, hell, better lit.”

Culture Whisper:*** “This is undoubtedly an immensely elegant production but, despite repeated allusions to Icarus and his ill-fated flight, it never quite manages to soar.”

West End Wilma: * “The biggest issue with The Go-Between is that is doesn’t seem to know whether it is a play or a musical.”

Musical Theatre Review: **** “This is a charming play-with-music, perfectly paced and dressed to suit turn-of-the-20th-century England, that will delight many and disappoint a few who don’t approach it with an open mind.”

Live Theatre.co.uk:  **** “The Go-Between is not a musical likely to appeal to everyone, but it is certainly a musical that should be seen and heard by everyone.”

The Go-Between is booking at the Apollo Theatre until the 25th October. To book tickets visit: Ticketmaster.co.uk, Discount Theatre.com,Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk


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