The Royal Academy of Arts annual exhibition celebrating new talent as well as established artists of the art world is now open. But can it live up to expectations?

Evening Standard: ** Ben Luke found that: “Wilson brings plenty of energy to the task, but overall it’s a show that emphasises the format’s weaknesses rather than its strengths.”

The Independent: **  Karen Wright wrote: “The problem is that of not having enough courage in its own mission.”

Art Info: “With so much work on display, artists have to go big and bold to be seen.”

Londonist: *** Tabish Khan commented: “Richard Wilson has done a solid job in trying to create order from the artistic chaos, but unlike his predecessors he hasn’t imbued this year’s exhibition with a unique stamp to make it stand out.”

Huffington Post: “Richard Wilson, the British sculptor and Royal Academician, has coordinated a truly fantastic and exhilarating show full of dynamic, challenging works of a very high quality.”

The Telegraph: *** Mark Hudson summed it up by saying: “Largely it is a show without markers with which to differentiate or judge its absurdly heterogeneous abundance of stuff.”

City Am: “Wilson’s aim is for every room to contain something “exciting, unusual and provocative”, and he succeeds. But the range and quality of works from up-and-coming artists makes you question the wisdom of inviting a load of contemporary superstars, most of whom are more than capable of carrying shows of their own.”

The Upcoming: *** “Overall, this year’s Summer Exhibition makes an admirable attempt to be different and thought-provoking, but it sadly falls a bit flat in places.”

The Times: **** Rachel Campbell-Johnston wrote: “Having languished as an often-ridiculed bastion of the reactionary, it has recently begun to show work that feels more current, more audacious and, for the spectator, more invigorating.”

The Summer Exhibition is on display at the Royal Academy of Arts until the 21st August. To buy tickets visit: UK




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