Laura Mvula returns with a brand new album titled The Dreaming Room – but what have music critics been saying about it? 

The Guardian: **** Alexis Petridis wrote: “however winding their routes, the melodies are almost always beautiful; however much the musical scenery shifts, it is always striking.”

Evening Standard: **** John Aizlewood commented that: “The Dreaming Room may be a mess, but it’s a glorious mess, packed with heroically bonkers ideas (Overcome goes madrigal at one delightful point), propelled by the zig-zagging inspiration of a gifted maverick going her own wonderful way.”

MusicOMH:**** “Laura Mvula has proved emphatically that her debut was no one-off and this highly accomplished return establishes her further as a unique, captivating talent.”

The Times: **** “A classically trained musician from Birmingham with a background in gospel, she slotted into a Radio 2-friendly world of tasteful, grown-up pop.”

The Daily Mail: “an ambitious album full of rhythms and drama, with some songs suitable for recital halls and others for the dance floor.”

Mojo: **** “With Sing To The Moon, Laura Mvula set a new standard for 21st century soul. With this follow-up, she’s raised that standard higher.”

Press Play: **** “The Dreaming Room is a collection that bursts with all manner of life.”

The Dreaming Room is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 



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