Ever wondered what your pets get up to when you aren’t at home? Well in this new film you can. But is it worth a watch? 

The Guardian: *** Peter Bradshaw said: “It’s not ground-breaking, but there are laughs, and it is a good audience movie.”

Forbes: “enjoyable animated adventure.”

 The Telegraph: *** Robbie Collin commented: “it’s an amiable time-passer, and hopefully a promise of even better things to come.”

Den of Geek: *** “Whilst The Secret Life Of Pets has moments, it’s a competent, often-beautiful, animated production. But – and the film positively invites the comparison – I can’t help thinking that were it made by Disney or Pixar, it’d all still be in development, as they tried to crack a better story.”

Empire:*** “The Secret Life Of Pets introduces an engaging cast of characters, who could easily sustain a number of sequels.”

Variety: “At times, The Secret Life of Pets feels like watching a marathon of silly animal tricks on YouTube, when what we really want is to transported into the heads of those creatures who’ve brought such joy to our own lives and to experience that connection through their eyes.”

The Independent: *** Geoffrey Macnab found that: “boasts some inspired visual and verbal gags as well as plenty of very vivid characters but falls down in its storytelling, which is depressingly formulaic.”

Belfast Telegraph: *** “The Secret Life Of Pets is the brainchild of the makers of Despicable Me and Minions, and has a similar visual style and family-friendly sense of humour.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “ultimately feels like a smart but overindulgent exercise in computer-generated puppy love. Or maybe that’s just a pet peeve.”

The Financial Times: *** “They’re a fitfully funny mischief menagerie and the 3D animation is put to perky use.”

Time Out: *** Cath Clarke commented:”a savvy, stroke-of-genius idea for a film this is.”

The Secret Life of Pets is released in cinemas today. 


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