PREVIEW: Henri Barande, Saatchi Gallery

Heading to the Saatchi Gallery for the first and only time in the UK the work of Henri Barande will be on display from the 4th to the 31st October. 

Henri Barande exhibition .jpg

This extraordinarily unique opportunity to see the artist’s work in the UK will be formed of forty-five canvases and twenty-five sculptures.

Barande has sought anonymity for the last fifty years, keeping his work extremely private that his achievement and art remain largely unheard of in the art establishment. All of the works in which he has created are undated, unsigned and come with no title – and aren’t available to purchase.

This decision has meant that he has been able to explore his artistic ideas without worrying about the commercial expectations and to disappear behind his work completely.

His decision never to display his work and to conceal it from others to the point of actually destroying the work has allowed Barande even more creative freedom with his work. But twenty years ago, American curator and critic David Galloway managed to persuade the artist to share his vision through publications and then exhibitions.

Barande will only be showing his art work once in a single country and this Saatchi exhibition is the only chance that the public will have to see his work in the UK in his lifetime, making it an extremely unique opportunity.

Henri Barande’s work will appear at the Saatchi Gallery from the 4th to the 30th October. 


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