PREVIEW: Perfectionism (Part III), Griffin Gallery

The Griffin Gallery will present their annual flagship exhibition Perfectionism (Part III) The Alchemy of Making from the 4th October until the 18th November. 

The Hunt (detail), Tessa Farmer. 

Curated by the Griffin gallery’s Director Becca Pelly-Fry, the exhibition will explore the ancient ideas of artists as alchemists, through the use of contemporary artistic practise.

The exhibition will feature the work of nine artists including award winning sculptor Tessa Farmer, Piers Secunda, Liane Lang and Nikolai Ishchuck.

This display does not aim for perfection, concentrating more on investigating and celebrating the artistic process and methods. While the first Perfectionism exhibition explored the idea genrally and the second took it further, this third one will examine the transformation of materials.

The range of artists involved with this exhibition all practise taking materials and transforming them in order to change their status or presence.

Talking about the new exhibition, Becca Pelly-Fry said: ” This series of curated exhibitions has been quite a revelation for me as a curator. I feel we have hit on something really quite important in a time when life is becoming increasingly fast paced and constantly ‘busy’, these artists take their time.”

Perfectionism (Part III) The Alchemy of Making will run at the Griffin Gallery from the 4th October until the 18th November. For more information visit:

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