BAZ Productions have created a new production created a new  version of August Strindberg’s 1901 play, to be presented at The Vaults Theatre from the 10th September until the 1st October. 


Directed by Sarah Bedi, this new production reimagines the story for a modern audience, playing on universal human doubts and anxieties.

Dreamplay is a journey through  through the sleeping consciousness of ‘the dreamer’, exploring the root of human suffering through an examination of modern life. As the audience enter the tunnels, away from the bustling Waterloo station, they drift into an underground ‘unconscious’ exploration of their dreams through an interdisciplinary combination of music and performance.

Talking about this new production, director Sarah Bedi said: ” My aim is to explore the experiential nature of dreams and how we feel as we become lost in narratives of our deepest hopes and fears.”

The music used in the production will be composed and performed by Laura Moody, to compliment the eery nature of the play.

Scenographers  Naomi Kuych-Cohen and Joshua Gadsby have helped BAZ productions use the architecture of the Vaults to portray the architecture of our minds, helping the audiences to explore the twists and turns of the psyche.

dreamplay will perform at the Vaults from the 10th September until the 1st October. For more information and to book tickets visit:!dream-play/c23mm


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