Review Round Up… The Secret Garden, Ambassadors Theatre

This new production based on the classic children’s book has opened at the Ambassadors Theatre. But what have critics made of it? 

Secret Garden

The Stage: **** Mark Shenton wrote: “Director Rupert Hands ensures the storytelling has clarity and texture, light and shade.”

A Younger Theatre: “The Secret Garden remains the much loved classic that it has become over generations. Overall, if there’s anyone looking for an enjoyable way to spend the summer holiday with a child, then this is the show for you.”

Gay Times Magazine: *** “Though not a masterpiece, there is much to admire here and the cast of The Secret Garden have all put in a solid effort.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Ultimately, this production feels like a very worthy endeavour, and a great showcase for some young talent.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon’s adaptation of the children’s classic novel The Secret Garden is perfect material for a summer holiday theatrical treat.”

Musical Theatre Review: **** “Rupert Hands’ production is a strong and enjoyable show on any terms.”

Time Out: *** “As Mary’s new friend Dickon might say: there’s plenty of wilt (promise) in director Jamie Neal’s show – but it never bursts into bloom.”

The Upcoming: **** “A lovely, superbly directed musical for both children and adults, The Secret Garden is uplifting, entertaining and outstanding.”

Broadway **** “Suitable for anyone over the age of 10, this is old-fashioned entertainment, but a fine introduction to the power of theatre.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: **** “This show is scripted and designed with a young appreciated audience in mind and I believe it does its job brilliantly. It left me feeling enchanted, heart-warmed and charmed when I left the theatre. It really is delightful and I encourage anyone with children to go and see it.”

Entertainment Focus: **** “Overall, I felt that it is a very good production and fans of the book will most likely find it very enjoyable.” *** “If you are going to stage even a 75-minute truncated version of this musical surely the minimal requirement is a ‘garden’ since it’s both the setting and the metaphor for the entire conceit.”

British Theatre Guide: “As a West End show, this leaves something to be desired but it isn’t asking the usual West End prices so a little indulgence is allowable and there is a special pleasure in seeing youngsters so thoroughly enjoying the opportunity that this production gives them.”

The Secret Garden runs at the Ambassadors Theatre until the 31st August. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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