The multi-instrumentalist and composer throws her life experiences and emotions to create avery sensitive but thoughtful debut album. 

Having experienced deafness,dyslexia and epilepsy during her life, it is no wonder that composer Aleah Morrison-Basu has such a positive thoughtfulness in her compositions, which is also reflected in this her debut album.

Simply formed of five tracks, the album reflects her interest in emotional and visual aspects of music. From the thoughtful, affectionate and poignant of “Collectors Memory’ to the more playful “Face Off Technology”, Evolving Reflections is a very emotional album and is particularly poignant due to the musician considering the fact that she describes the piano as “the instrument that was my voice growing up”.

There is a gracefulness to her touch that makes the listener sit up and pay attention to what the music is communicating – particularly during “Drown or Swim?”, which just flows exquisitely from one note to the next and certainly has a charm about it that it is not hard to appreciate, despite it coming across as quite melancholy.

This is perhaps what slightly lets the album down. Despite having such a positive outlook on life, the music  sounds a little more apprehensive and downcast than perhaps initially expecting. That isn’t to say that it isn’t beautiful to listen to, but rather a change of tempo would have meant listening to the album would have been even more fulfilling.

There is no doubting that Morrison-Basu has had plenty of life experience to influence her compositions and the album demonstrates her strength to get through all of the challenges life has thrown at her with dignity and there is no questioning how much music has proved to be her comfort and guide.

She has a great style of playing that gradually draws you in, but the music on this album sounds slightly apprehensive and has a lack of confidence that will hopefully come out in time through more albums that she releases.

Evolving Reflections by Aleah Morrison-Basu is available to buy through Amazon now. 

Love London Love Culture rating: ❤❤❤❤


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