NEWS: Backyard Cinema to Unveil a ‘Lost World’ in South London

Backyard Cinema will unveil a forgotten jungle in the heart of London this September it has been announced. 

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Following on from the Winter Night Garden at Winterville and Romeo + Juliet in St Mary’s Church, Backyard Cinema will launch on the 16th September and will reveal a ‘Lost World’ in South London, which will present screenings of classic action and adventure films.

This experience will see ticket holders enter through temple ruins to navigate through a world in a land that time forgot. After making their way through the jungle, they will find a screening room filled with green beanbag seating and huge screen to create a completely unique cinema experience.

The films that will be screened from the 16th September until the 2nd October will include: Jurassic Park, Hook, Jungle Book (1967 and 2016), King Kong and Madagascar 2.

Backyard Cinema is a roaming, theatrical cinema that shows a wide variety of films set in unusual and immersive spaces both inside and outside around London.

Dominic Davies, the company founder said, “We can’t wait for people to experience the Lost World. This is a theme that is close to our hearts, this is a true homage to the action and adventure movies we grew up on and keep coming back to. We want to enhance your nostalgia for them by creating a real sense of adventure as we take you on a journey to another world.” 

The ticket options include: child ticket: £9.50, standard ticket: £16.50, cocktail ticket: £25 or a date night ticket (for two): £65 (Comes with x2 tickets, Bubbly, popcorn, ice cream & blankets).

The full programme screenings are as follows:

September 16th
Jurassic Park – 8PM

September 17th
Jungle Book 1967 – 12.30PM
Hunger Games – 4.30PM
Jungle Book 2016 – 8.30PM

September 18th
The Incredibles – 12.30PM
Hook – 4.30PM
Captain America: Civil War – 8.30pm

September 20th
Apocalypse Now – 8PM

September 21st
King Kong – 8PM

September 22nd
Predator – 8PM

September 23rd
The Goonies – 8PM

September 24th
The Lion King – 12.30PM
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl – 4.30PM
Jurassic Park – 8.30PM

September 25th
Disney’s Tarzan 1999 – 12.30PM
Peter Pan 2003 – 4.30PM
Apocalypto – 8.30PM

September 27th
Rambo: First Blood – 8PM

September 28th
Rambo: First Blood – 8PM

September 29th
Rambo: First Blood – 8PM

October 1st
Peter Pan (2003) – 12.30PM
Jurassic Park – 4.30PM
Jurassic World – 8.30PM

October 2nd
Madagascar 2 – 12.30PM
Zootopia – 4.30PM
Hook – 8.30PM

Backyard Cinema: Lost World will run at the Mercato Metropolitao, 42 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6DR from the 16th September until the 2nd October. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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