Bastille are back with a brand new album – but what kind of a reaction has it been getting from critics? 

NME: “Wild World is a triumphant pop record: unflinching in its ability to rouse listeners and unapologetic in its quest for a Number One.”

The Guardian: *** “Wild World is too wholesome to generate real thrills.”

Rolling Stone:  *** “The band can feel hampered by its populist ambition, though, which means the best stuff here moves toward the intimate.”

Digital Spy: **** “There’s still that straightforward storytelling at its core, but everything around it feels more forceful.”

MusicOMH: *** 1/2 “Ultimately, Bastille’s second LP is a more than worthy follow-up, one that throws up a few interesting surprises along the way.”

Evening Standard:*** “Frontman Dan Smith shows a sure touch on anthems that borrow without being too blatant.”

Financial Times: ** “proficient, energetic but two-dimensional music.”

The Metropolist: *** “Wild World is worth serious time and affection – an album that makes you forget your troubles and lifts the spirit.”

The Times: *** “None of it is particularly groundbreaking or inspiring, but the songs have everyman appeal.”

Press Play Ok:*** “First, the good news: Wild World isn’t the worst thing Bastille have ever produced. It is, however, a world populated with familiarity at every corner.”

All Music: **** “They’re the kind of band that sounds better as they get bigger, and their thoughtful lyrics, jaunty melodies, and huge choruses could fill a Coldplay-shaped hole in listeners’ hearts.”

Wild World is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 




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