Best Robbie Williams Songs

Following the news that Robbie Williams will be releasing a new album titled Heavy Entertainment Show on the 4th November, his first release in three years, here is some of his best songs: 

Rock DJ: catchy and still popular on the radio today, the song reflects the singer’s endless energy and entertainment value. The video is memorable for a whole variety of reasons as you can see:

Feel: this is a song that is instantly recognisable and reveals a more vulnerable side to Robbie Williams’ music that is pleasing to listen to.

She’s the One: potentially one of the most romantic songs that he has ever sung, it is genuine and heartfelt. The way it soars dramatically, adds a sense of theatricality and to the beauty of the song. Just beautiful.

Let Me Entertain You: filled with frantic energy and sung by Williams in his own unique way, Let Me Entertain You is instantly recognisable from the opening note and still remains a popular party song.

Somethin’ Stupid: taken from his most successful album Swing When You’re Winning, this duet with Nicole Kidman showcases a charming and sophisticated side to his vocals, particularly well suited for swing music.

Millennium: once again, his unique style shines through, making him one of the coolest male solo artists around and cementing him as one of the most successful singers in UK pop music and at the Brit awards.


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