This is the third Dan Brown novel to be transformed to the big screen and sees Tom Hanks star once again as Robert Langdon. But what have critics been saying about it? 

The Guardian: * “Once upon a time, this wackiness had some novelty value. Now it’s tedious.”

The Telegraph: * “Howard’s latest Dan Brown adaptation was really so perfunctory, so passionless, that it was recycling a 10-year-old formula that had already felt drab and dated 10 years ago?”

The Independent: ** “In its own absurd B-movie way, the film is entertaining enough at times. Howard strikes a very brisk tempo and throws phantasmagoric flashback and fantasy sequences.”

Indie Wire: “Howard and writer David Koepp fail to convey the singular characteristic of the stories, namely the fun of problem solving.”

Variety: “Ron Howard’s third Dan Brown adaptation holds true to the letter and spirit of its source, though that’s not necessarily a compliment.”

Hollywood Reporter: “In any case, the narrative algebra is reasonably elegantly executed, and that sense of flow and proportionality permeates the rhythms of the editing and the shift toward a more visual approach to storytelling.”

Empire: **** “The kind of film that starts off with a climax and builds to a plateau of surrealist delirium that, one way or another, will have you shrieking.”

IGN: *** “Despite a few heavy-handed attempts to jazz things up visually, Inferno, as with its two prequels, is basically the exact cinematic equivalent of its Dan Brown airport novel inspirations: big, flashy and easy to consume.”

Den of Geek: *** “It’s a pulp yarn designed to entertain in the moment rather than stick in the mind, and assuming you don’t think too much about some of the more glaring holes in its story, Inferno provides a divertingly intense evening’s entertainment.”

Radio Times: ** “a Frankenstein’s monster of a movie, pointlessly lumbering about in search of a heart.”

The FT: *** “The action and hallucination sequences are impressive.”

The Wrap: “neither here nor there, not bad enough to be entertaining, but not good enough to admit how terrible it really is.”

The Upcoming: ** “If you go to see this film hoping for something other than escapism you may be disappointed, but there is fun to be had in the melodrama of it all.”

Time Out: ** “all that remains is a creaky and under-powered Bourne clone.”



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