Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick play Branch and Poppy in DreamWorks latest animated film – but can critics find their happy place in this film? 

The Guardian: *** “but the the precision-tooled brilliance of this sort of animation is beginning to wear a little thin. Still, Trolls is a fun enough ride.”

International Business Times: **** “so what if DreamWorks’ Trolls isn’t the most inventive story of recent animations, its undoubtedly the most fun, most colourful and downright cutest film you’ll see this year.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Trolls is content to play out an all-too-familiar refrain.”

Variety: “The movie’s message, and it’s a lovely one, is that we all have a wild-haired, beaming doll of happiness inside. “Trolls” will put you in touch with yours.”

The Wrap: “The message of “Trolls,” delivered with no subtlety whatsoever, is that happiness comes from within and can’t be consumed, which is hilarious for a movie that is literally built to sell troll toys.”

Frankly My Dear: *** “an entertaining and enjoyable watch and is sure to appeal to younger viewers.”

The Upcoming: ** “DreamWorks’ latest is a bit of an odd proposition; a film that appeals to parental nostalgia, but is modern enough to work for kids, blissfully unaware of corporate connotations.”

The Hollywood News: “the film is very original, wonderfully told. It’s funny, tons of fun all of the way through and one of the highlights of the year. We found our happy place. We’re sure you will too.”

Culture Fly:**** “Trollstaps into its 20-year old nostalgia and turns these cutesy, chunky toys into electronic, glitter clubbing party animals – and who would want to miss that?”

Trolls will be released in UK cinemas on the 21st October.