PREVIEW:Swing By Around 8, Theatre N16

Presented by Theatre N16’s First Credit Scheme, Jess Bray’s comic play arrives at the theatre from the 20th November until the 1st December. 


It’s just a dinner party. A normal civilised dinner party. Except it’s not – definitely not.

Directed by Amy Hendry and Ellie Gauge and starring Paul Boichat, Rebecca Drake, Maanuv Thiara and Maisie Black, this first production in Theatre N16’s First Credit scheme has an Ayckbourn-esque feel about it about two couples with very different ideas about a certain dinner party.

The First Credit Scheme produced by Theatre N16 and The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund,offers the opportunity for four young actors and two directors to gain their first professional experience in the industry.  Six applicants were chosen in an open application process, with the play itself also written by a new writer.

Swing By at 8 will play at Theatre N16 from the 20th November until the 1st December. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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