Following its successful run at the Arts Theatre in 2015, Full Circle arrives once more in London at Theatre N16 between the 9th-11th and 21st-24th May. 

Full Circle 1

Four of the most notorious women in Greek mythology – Phaedra, Helen, Medea, and Clytemnestra – have been removed from the blood-stained pages of their tragedies and brought together for the first time. They fight for their salvation in a detention-esque purgatory, cutting to the core of gender politics, asking what it means to be a mother, a sister, a wife, a woman.

Presented by Black Sheep Productions, Madelaine Cunningham’s play is directed by Madison Maylin. It will star Lucy Avison as Medea, Madeline Cunningham as Clytemnestra, Laura McKee as Helen of Troy and Niamh Branigan as Phaedra.

Black Sheep Productions was formed in 2016 and is formed of a “girl gang of creatives” who met on the MA course at ArtEd in 2014, under Aileen Gonslaves, who is now an associate director at the RSC. The company was formed to create work that told important and thrilling stories – working with mainly new writing.

Full Circle will play at Theatre N16 9th-11th and 22nd-24th May. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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