The new single from the London duo is released on Friday 11th November – here is the video for the new track. 

Following on from their busy summer with UK and European tours along with several International festivals and their September tour of Ireland with full band, Morrissey and Marshall will release their brand new single Love and Be Loved this Friday.

First Impressions?  There is no denying how heartfelt and genuine this song is and is certainly refreshing in comparison with other music being released at the moment. But does it offer anything that we haven’t heard already? Perhaps not but keeping it straightforward and yet somehow sophisticated it is certainly a track that stands out from the crowds.

By filming the taxi driving around London late at night, it adds to the haunting and yet isolating feel of the song, with no fancy tricks needed to get the hype going. Instead the video allows the music to stand out itself and compliments the song perfectly. Sometimes simple is best.

Love and Be Loved will be available to buy and download on Friday 11th November. 


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