Review Round Up: The Heavy Entertainment Show, Robbie Williams

The former Take That star is back with a brand new album – but what have critics been saying about it? 

Digital Spy: *** “But the problem is, it’s all over the place. He hurtles through different styles of music, making sure to tick all the boxes.”

The Upcoming: *** “The Heavy Entertainment Show screams for attention, falling short of the impression it is dying to give.”

The Guardian: *** “The tunes that could only come from Williams make this record entertaining if a little groan-worthy.”

The Independent: ** “Listening to The Heavy Entertainment Show is a bit like watching EastEnders – a constant barrage of snarling, strutting chippiness passed off as authentic British geezerism.”

NME: **** “There’s still no other British pop star quite as entertaining and unpredictable.”

Renowned for Sound: ** “Heavy Entertainment Show is an unfortunate situation where too little focus means the downfall of the entire package.” “the feeling that nothing here belongs to Robbie Williams, that he’s officially completely interchangeable, that he’s become trapped in a maze of his own making, and all of the noise seems so very quiet now.”

The Telegraph: *** “At least half of The Heavy Entertainment Show is made up of amusing dance tracks that never quite hit the spot.”

Evening Standard: **** “It’s big, brash and with a roll call of collaborators who can just about contain his wayward personality.”

The Times: ** “The thing that makes some pop stars great is also the thing that makes them grate, and so it is with Robbie Williams.”

The Daily Mail:  *** “His outlook is at odds with current stark, futuristic trends, but Robbie is unapologetic about returning to what he does best.”

All Music: **** “Eleven albums in and he’s still one of the most likable acts around, truly one of a kind.”

The Heavy Entertainment Show is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 





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