After proving to be a great success on Broadway, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical finally arrives in London. Here is five good reasons to be excited about its arrival… 


A cool and rocktastic soundtrack: given the title of the show, you can certainly expect the music to have more of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it that will deliver plenty of energy and entertainment that will have everyone (hopefully) dancing in the aisles. Particularly look out for the song ‘Stick it to the Man’.

An extremely talented young cast: the young actors and actresses are the key to making the show work. Andrew Lloyd Webber has said in several interviews that people don’t believe that the kids play live – but they do, they really do. As they are involved so much with what happens their energy and personality is important in getting the audience involved.

Heartwarming story: for anyone who has seen the film, to watch Dewy’s relationship with the kids grow and his encouragement in their enthusiasm for music is fantastic to see- even if at first he doesn’t prove to be the best role model, by the end he has learnt a lot more about himself and what he is capable of thanks to the kids. Very genuine.

Fantastic energy: everything about this show suggests high energy from beginning to end, from the music all the way through to the variety of characters that are going to be on stage – not least David Flynn as Dewey – the role made famous by Jack Black.

Great entertainment: with a book by Julian Fellowes, this is promising to be a musical that will deliver great entertainment and encourage audiences to unleash their inner rock God, showing how music is such an important part of life and a way of expressing ourselves.

School of Rock the Musical is now playing at  New London Theatre and is currently booking until the 12th February 2017. To book tickets visit:,Last,Love, Theatre Tickets ,Theatre and UK


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