REVIEW: Bianco, Nofit State Circus

Back in London for the first time since 2013, Nofit State Circus present Bianco, a two hour spectacular that puts the audience at the centre of the show. 

It is hard to imagine any child not being enthralled with the circus, but can any adult feel that same excitement? Well thanks to Nofit State Circus’s exciting, beautifully choreographed and sexy show Bianco it is certain that they can.

With much of the action taking place high above the heads of the audience, Bianco is a show that celebrates the best of circus, with a particular focus on acrobatics that thrill and delight from beginning to end.

Bianco is a show that feels as though it wants the audience to be actively engaged with what is happening around them and above them, whether it is performers engaging with the crowds or moving the set and audience around. Standing for two hours might not sound enjoyable for some people, but due to the fluidity and pace of routines that have been well choreographed – time (excuse the pun) literally flies by.

Nofit State circus proves with Bianco that circus isn’t boring and still has the power to take audience’s breath away from very beginning thanks to an extremely talented cast, who give it all their energy and enthusiasm that is exhausting to watch.

But towards the end it has to be said that it feels slightly repetitive and begins to run out of steam and perhaps ideas, that make it feel slightly tired. Yet despite this it is still a remarkable show of talent (you haven’t seen anything if you haven’t seen someone holding four glasses of wine and a bottle  using only feet, hands and nose) and a celebration of contemporary circus that relies on a lot of anticipation to keep the show moving.

Even when the audience is being moved around from place to place (which can make you feel like a sheep to be honest) and the set is being changed, there is still plenty to see to keep you occupied and intrigued as to what to expect next.

If you end up with a cricked neck from looking up so much, you won’t realise until the very end as you are completely absorbed in this surreal and poetic world that Nofit State have created

It has to be said that it isn’t perhaps a show for those who are afraid of heights – even though your feet remain firmly rooted to the floor, watching the performers scamper up and down ladders (in one case in heels!) is dizzying enough as it is, but it  reveals the confidence and energy of everyone involved, making for a memorable evening.

Bianco is at the Southbank Centre as part of the Winter Festival, playing until the 22nd January. To book tickets visit: Discount, Last, Theatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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