NEW Trailer: Baywatch

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron star in this new film based on the hit 90’s television show – but what does the new trailer reveal about the film? 

Babes, lifeguards and plenty of shots of a topless Zac Effron and Dwayne Johnson are in evidence in this brand new trailer for the film which is released in cinemas next year.

But whether or not the film retains the same level of cheesiness as the original television programme had is perhaps less certain. However, it seems like there is going to plenty of action and comedy in store for audiences in the snapshots of certain scenes, with lots of banter between Johnson and Effron to keep audiences entertained.

However, in all honesty my impressions of the film judging by the trailer is that although it is certain to be a success at the box office, it still has a hint of immaturity about it that seems to be popular in Hollywood at the moment – particularly in comedies.

Everything we see in this trailer just feels slightly contrived and forced which might in all fairness be the way in which the trailer has been made and could be in fact different if you see the scenes in context – but at the moment it appears that the film will choose style over substance.

Yet, to see a new take on this classic show is appealing and as mentioned before it will probably do well at the box office due to the appeal of Zac Effron and Dwayne Johnson and those intrigued to re-visit the world of Baywatch – but we will just have to wait and see what the reaction of both the critics and the audiences will be.

It will probably be one not to miss and will probably prove to be an entertaining couple of hours of entertainment – but only time will see if it will go down as a classic take on a beloved 90’s show.

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