Review Round Up: Silence

Liam Neeson stars in Martin Scorsese’s latest film based upon the 1966 novel of the same name by Shūsaku Endō – so what have critics been saying about it? 

The Guardian: **** “Martin Scorsese’s powerful, emotional film takes its audience on a demanding journey with a great sadness at its end.”

The Telegraph: ***** “It’s a film full of tight close-ups of hands accepting gifts that comfort, inspire and bring succour to their recipients’ souls. That’s how we should receive it.”

Variety: “Scorsese, who has created a taxing film that will not only hold up to multiple viewings, but practically demands them.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Silence, more successfully than not, artfully addresses the core issue of its maker’s lifelong religious struggle.”

Empire: **** “The images are as poetic as the dialogue.”

Time Out: ***** “this is a sophisticated film that dares to expose the breadth of cultural division.”

The Wrap: “Technically, the movie is another triumph for Scorsese’s imagemaking acumen.”

IndieWire: “Silence  is a smart and sophisticated look at the internal struggles of a true believer, with a masterful last shot that suggests those struggles never end. Some 50 years into a career filled with risks, Scorsese surely can relate.”

Silence is released in UK cinemas on the 1st January. 




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