The XX are back with their third album – find out what critics have been saying about the album here: 

The Guardian: **** “I See You finds them a little gaudier of palette.”

The Financial Times: **** “the results turn out to represent a deft evolution in the band’s sound.”

The Daily Mail:  ***** “With their first two albums, The xx carved out their own sound – sparse, introspective, sorrowful, supremely sorted. This time, they retain their distinctiveness while having a lot more fun.”

NME: **** “I See You is not simply an album then, but a moment of realisation.”

Consequence of Sound: “What makes The xx and I See You so enthralling, then, may not be a particular combination of lyrics and melodies, but the notion that there’s a secret life playing out here — one we may not be entirely privy to, but one that still rings with the sound of truth in all of its complexities.”

The Independent: **** “The xx have maintained that element of mystique which is so vital for their music. They are exciting precisely because they refuse to reveal everything about themselves.” “I See You is more redemptive and enlightened than anything The xx have done before.”

I See You will be released on the 13th January. 



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