NEWS: Tête à Tête Announces Plans for 2017

Opera company Tête à Tête have announced details for 2017, as it new website launches today (18th January) and they celebrate their 20th anniversary. 


As well as launching its new public website Tête à Tête have also released its 10th anniversary Festival Report, which reveals that the company still remain committed to diversity including the fact that 22% of composers in the 2015 festival were BAME and 45% of producers have been women.

It has been confirmed that the 10th Anniversary of Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival will run from the 24th July until the 13th August across various venues in the King’s Cross area, including the Cubitt Sessions with further details of the programme to be unveiled in May.

Meanwhile, Tête à Tête have also confirmed details of its performance of  Rough for Opera #15 at the Cockpit Theatre on the 7th March. This performance allows new operatic work to be performed and for its participants to receive feedback while the work is in its early stages. The first rough for opera was in October 2011. Since then it has platformed more than 40 new operas and operas in development.

Tête à Tête also today announced that it will be  launching  MyNewOpera, a global platform for on-demand opera productions, featuring work of producers from all over the world.

Since forming in 1997 by director Bill Bankes-Jones, conductor Orlando Jopling and administrator Katie Price, the opera company has prided itself on celebrating the best new work in opera.  In the last 20 years, the company has brought forward the skills of 10,000 singers, conductors, sound engineers, lighting specialists, costume designs, videographers and producers to create over 500 new productions.

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