REVIEW: Tchaikovsky: Works for Violin & Orchestra by Moonkyung Lee

This new album from the acclaimed violinist has plenty of depth but is difficult to emotionally engage with. 


There is no doubting that Moonkyung Lee and the London Symphony Orchestra’s performances are rich and filled with depth throughout this fascinating if occasionally nervous sounding album.

Conducted by Miran Vaupotic, all of the music on this album is beautifully performed but as it seems to be focused on being precise, it sounds almost tentative and lacking in emotional connection that makes it difficult to fully appreciate.

These works for violin and orchestra might be melancholy in tone but thanks to the delicate performances from everyone involved there is also a hint of hope, with plenty of rises and falls in all of the right places to keep the listener intrigued throughout.

It is an excellently put together album with strong performances that have plenty of charm and expertise but there is still something about it that leaves the listener cold – despite the beauty of the compositions.

But this is an album to add to your collection in terms of the variety and performances on it that have clearly been thoughtfully constructed that make it worth a listen.

Tchaikovsky: Works for Violin and Orchestra performed by Moonkyung Lee and London Symphony Orchestra is due to be released on the 10th February. Download through Amazon here.

Rating: ❤❤❤



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