PREVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing, Shit-Faced Shakespeare, Leicester Square Theatre

Marking the seventh anniversary of Shit-Faced Shakespeare, the company return to London with their take on Much Ado About Nothing. 

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(c)Rah Petherbridge. 

Returning to London for their longest run yet, Shit-Faced Shakespeare will present Much Ado About Nothing with a difference: one of the cast will be absolutely hammered.

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s best loved romantic comedies, filled with mistaken identities, petty arguments and of course a love story that doesn’t run smoothly. But what exactly would happen if if Hero decides she really would rather marry the chap in the second row, or if Benedick can’t stand up?

Performed by  a cast of seven, all of whom arrive 4 hours before the show starts to have a ‘party’ – but there’s a difference: it is a dry party for all but one of the cast members who will then have to perform to a live audience having consumed quite a bit of alcohol.

The script is trimmed down to an hour and all of the sober actors have to follow where the drunk actor goes.

This unique take on Shakespeare is directed by Stacey Norris and includes in the cast Beth-Louise Priestley, Jack Bence, James Murfitt, John Mitton, Louise Lee, Rob Smythson, Ruth Williams, Saul Marron, Stacey Norris and Victoria Fitz-Gerald.

Shit-Faced Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing will be performed at the Leicester Square Theatre from the 11th April until the 16th September. For More information and to book tickets visit:

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