NEWS: Yellow Earth Theatre to Present Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine

The theatre company will present their take on Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine at the Arcola Theatre from the 15th March. 

Adapted and directed by Ng Choon Ping, Yellow Earth Theatre’s production of Tamburlaine will run at the Arcola Theatre from the 15th March until the 8th April.

Loosely based on the life of the Central Asian emperor, Timur and it is considered to be  milestone in Elizabethan public drama marking a new approach to fresh language, memorable action and intellectual complexity.

Tamburlaine’s charismatic antihero massacres his way across Asia, the Middle East and Europe in his thirst for conquest; while his savagery is vast and vicious, his passions are detailed on a disturbingly human scale.  He is a family man, a loving husband and an ambitious father.  The play speaks across the centuries to our own age of politics and warfare, showing how cruelty and conquest can seduce both the powerful and the marginalised.

Talking about the production Yellow Earth’s Artistic Director, Kumiko Mendl said: “I think it’s time for British East Asian actors – and in particular women – to take their place in the classics.Producing a play like Tamburlaine with a majority BEA female cast right now is so important. It’s a bold statement; we have the talent,  range of experience and the ability amongst our BEA actors and creative teams to take on challenging roles and plays.”

The cast for the production includes: Lourdes Faberes as Tamburlaine, Fiona Hampton, Melody Brown,Susan Hingley,Leo Wan and Amanda Maud.

Meanwhile, as well as being directed by Ng Choon Ping the creative team includes designs by Moi Tran, music by Joji Hirota and video design by Gillian Tan.

Tamburlaine will play at the Arcola Theatre from the 15th March until the 8th April. For more information visit:


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