Arriving at the theatre from the 13th to the 15th April, Yolanda Mercy’s coming of age comedy, follows her previous successful work On the Edge of Me. 


Quarter Life Crisis presents an upbeat take on the millennial phenomenon of big dreams, no cash, going viral, Youtube tutorials, having numerous 0 hour contracts, surrendering the 16-25 year old railcard and trying desperately to cheat adulthood. 

Join Alicia who is living in soon-to-be post-Brexit London. She is realising that even though she is second-generation Nigerian, her routes and stories from the past can help her navigate through everchanging London. Help Alicia find a new way for her to live.

The production will feature live music, audience participation and a special guest from the local community to explore what it is like having to grow up and being unprepared for the adult world.

As well as being written by Ovalhouse’s Associate Artist, the show will also be performed by Yolanda Mercy.

Talking about the show Yolanda Mercy said: “I am interested in making work which reacts to the world we inhabit. I love creating work that doesn’t just have an impact for the hour that we are in the theatre, but resonates beyond that. I place this world on stage with live music, words and an audience who I hope feel comfortable enough to want to interact with the piece… then talk about it after the show…and even a week, month, or year later.”

Quarter Life Crisis will play at the Ovalhouse from the 13th to the 15th April. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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