Review Round Up: Hamlet, Almeida Theatre

Andrew Scott stars in Robert Icke’s production of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Here is what critics have been saying about it? 


The Guardian: *** “t’s a long, four-hour production and one that mixes insight and occasional absurdity, but it is Scott’s sweet prince I shall remember best.”

The Independent: **** “Scott might be even better if it were pacier, but this is a Hamlet not to be missed.”

The Stage:***** “Icke’s production is never less than captivating, certainly not when Scott’s on stage.”

WhatsOnStage:*****  “a thrilling production directed by Robert Icke that is so bold it just takes the breath away.”

The Telegraph: *** “Icke’s modern-dress production is disappointingly subdued.”

Broadway World: **** “led by Andrew Scott’s warm, intimate portrayal of incipient madness, the action is compelling, the psychology and language revealed”

Time Out: ***** “Though Icke avoids the whizbang conceptualising of so many productions of this play, the sheer tenderness of his staging consistently and brilliantly wrongfoots us.”

The Daily Mail:**** ” This Hamlet is too wet to be able to summon the necessary self- confidence for ‘it is I, Hamlet the Dane’. Director Icke’s staging is fascinating, though.”

Theatre Cat: ***** “this star performance is backed up by an equally star production.”

Londonist:***** “it’s Scott’s softly-spoken, vulnerable and charming Dubliner Dane that holds your gaze and speaks the famous lines completely afresh, and as if to only you.”

Evening Standard: **** “Andrew Scott’s Hamlet is engaging and accessible, but also strange and dangerous. It’s a performance that combines fragility, charm, biting humour and predatory desperation.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Icke’s production is at its cleverest in showing how, as a blanket of grief and tragedy slowly engulfs a family, the shockwaves manifest themselves not just in scenes of rage and violence, but in a profound sense of shock.”

There Ought to be Clowns: “This production will doubtless have its detractors – it’s not spoken precisely enough, it doesn’t smell of war enough, there’s too many watches – but for me, it is as exciting and engaging as Hamlet gets.”

The Upcoming:**** “Hamlet can’t quite match the explosive intensity of Icke’s Mary Stuart or Oresteia, and nor can it tap into the exquisite languor of his Uncle Vanya. Yet the director seems truly invested in the relationships that underpin the famous soliloquies and vengeful ghosts that the play is known for.”

The Times: ** “Robert Icke, young and always eager to update, has created a quirky and rather cumbersome production that is set to a Bob Dylan soundtrack.”

London *** “The energy can’t help but flag as if the carefully thought out set pieces don’t always sit comfortably together making for an uneven trajectory but one that ultimately rewards for commanding your attention.”

Radio Times: *** “Crucially, there’s a reason Scott is so brilliant at playing villains and psychos. We never quite root for him as we should. We don’t feel for him and his terrible predicament. In the end, his Hamlet is one to admire rather than to love.”

Hamlet continues to play at the Almeida Theatre until the 15th April. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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