REVIEW: Giants by Take That

Ahead of the release of their brand new album, Take That has released a new video for their new single. Here is what Love London Love Culture thinks…

Take That might have been around since the 90’s but they are a band that are able to reinvent themselves musically – but never stray too far away from their pop roots as is the case for this new track from upcoming album Wonderland.

Uplifting, ‘Giants’ is a track which celebrates standing strong together in relationships and yet it never comes across as preachy and yet it is perfectly honest and natural. It is definitely a proper pop song.

But it has to be said that once again that Gary Barlow is taking the lead vocals, which might be fine in the eyes of Mark and Howard, but now that there is only three of them it would have been nice to hear the vocals being divided more equally.

Yet despite this, the lyrics have plenty of sincerity about them that make the listener sit up and pay attention. Perhaps it isn’t a song that will change the world, but then Take That aren’t about changing the world of music, but they do consistently create high quality music which has helped to build them a strong and loyal fan base over the years.

The video itself has very much a sci-fi vibe about it, with its cool and contemporary visuals, but never distracts from the music and in fact adds an almost eerie feel to the song.

If the rest of the album is uplifting as this song is, then Wonderland will be a strong addition to Take That’s collection.

Wonderland will be released on the 24th March. It is available to pre-order now through Amazon


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