Review Round Up: An American in Paris, Dominion Theatre

Directed by Christopher Wheeldon, An American in Paris officially opened at the Dominion Theatre earlier this week. Here is what critics have been saying about it: 

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The Independent: **** “Christopher Wheeldon’s An American in Paris is a whirl of colour and imagery.”

The Guardian: *****”Christopher Wheeldon, as director and choreographer, and Bob Crowley, whose sets and costumes have a touch of genius, have created a show that not only offers an eclectic range of Gershwin songs but is also a riot of colour and movement.”

The Stage: ***** “It is sheer musical theatre magic.”

Time Out: *** “The result is a sophisticated-looking musical that radiates good taste and good intentions, but doesn’t really catch fire. ”

London ***** “triumphantly led by New York City Ballet dancer Robert Fairchild and the Royal Ballet’s Leanne Cope as Jerry and Lise, who prove to be effortlessly assured singers and actors as well as brilliant dancers.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “it is the design and the direction that give An American in Paris its unique texture and tone.”

MusicOMH:**** “This show did not win four Tony Awards for nothing.”

The Telegraph: **** “this impassioned love-letter to art, to life, sharpens into focus the whirling physical attachment between Fairchild’s impeccably fleet Jerry and Leanne Cope, just divine as the bob-haired Lise, so adroit you feel she could walk down the Champs-Élysées en pointe.”

A Younger Theatre: “the way the story is told, its incredible visuals, its compelling performances, and its wonderful music make An American in Paris something special. Joyous. Unique.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Embracing the elements that the genre does best (dancing, singing and creating beautiful visuals), plus the skills of the performers, appeared as a strength rather than a weakness of the work.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: ***** “This is quite simply a magical show, sumptuous, seductive and gloriously divine.”

Love London Love Culture:***** “Romantic, stunningly performed and beautiful to watch An American in Paris deserves to stay in the West End to charm as many audiences as possible”

There Ought to be Clowns: “it’s the dance you come for and there’s no mistaking the extraordinary talents of both Fairchild and Cope here.”

Broadway World: **** “Plotting missteps are easily forgiven in a production of such rhapsodic, transcendent grace.”

West End Wilma: ***** “An American In Paris is a feast for the eyes and ears. If you don’t think it sounds like your cup of tea (like I did) I can’t urge you enough to give it a try. ‘S Wonderful.”

The Upcoming: **** “This is not a glitzy and over-the-top musical; it is subtle and emotive. It captures the magic of the past and beautifies our present while we watch it.”

The Times: ***** “It’s got starlight, it’s got sweet dreams and, yes, it’s got rhythm too. You almost feel you couldn’t ask for anything more but this Gershwin musical also has that indefinable something called grace, a lightness that would out-soufflé even Julia Child, and a joie de vivre that lifts it, and us, all night long.”

The FT: ***** “Some of the Gershwin classics are crowbarred in, but no matter: you leave this show with fidgety feet.”

The Daily Mail: ***** “Let’s celebrate the repeatedly inventive staging of director/choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and his designer Bob Crowley.”

Evening Standard: **** “When dance predominates, especially in the pair’s most eloquently intimate scenes, this is a glorious experience.”

West End Whingers: “The whole show is beautifully costumed and designed by Bob Crowley.”

Theatre Weekly: *** “An American in Paris is a very conservative production, gentle to the point of fragility.”

Radio Times: ***** “Rhythm, music, laughter, comedy, dance, romance and artistry – who could ask for anything more?”

An American in Paris is currently booking at the Dominion Theatre until 30th September 2017.  To book tickets visit:, Last, Love, Theatre and UK



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