The Russian artist will present his first London solo exhibition at the Strand Gallery in June.

Gamer Low Res

In this new exhibition, the artist brings his latest work to the London gallery exploring the relationship between classical and contemporary, giving way to narrative about technology and eternal values of humanity.

This display will showcase a number of unique pieces of work that are all linked by the common idea of the popularisation of art.

Right at the heart of this latest project, Damir Krivenko has attempted to combine realism with avant-garde, with the symbol of the exhibition being a palette.

For Our Time’s Sake features twenty pieces of work that combines traditional imagery with parts of 21st century technology, skilfully weaving computer systems, pearls, fragments of palettes and other unexpected objects into different pieces of art.

One such example of the artist’s work is Gamer in which Krivenko combines traditional landscape with a silhouette of a man, filled with computer parts, exploring the way in which humanity has evolved against the backdrop of nature.

Krivenko was born in Leningrad to a dynasty of artists and art historians and was raised in Kazakhstan where he graduated from the Almaty Art College in 1992 and shortly after become the principle curator for the President’s office, organising exhibitions at the Dostyk Gallery.

Damir Krivenko: For Our Time’s Sake will run at the Strand Gallery from the 1st to the 11th June.