NEWS: New Diorama Theatre to Open Biggest Rehearsal Space in Central London

The theatre has confirmed that it will be opening the doors to its new rehearsal space on the 1st May. 

Stitched PanoramaNew Diorama Theatre have confirmed that they have signed a one year lease with London based property developer British Land, to create the largest rehearsal space in Central London: ND2 which will officially open its doors for the first time next month.

Adjacent to the theatre in Regent’s Place, the new rehearsal space was once the trading floor for JP Morgan and is currently undergoing a makeover. It will feature 4000 square metres of space inside of which will include a green room, in the impressive, 50 meter high central Atrium – it will be the largest place for rehearsals in central London.

The Atrium will be the ND2 creative hub during the day, but will transform in the evenings for a variety of events that will take place. Meanwhile, the space will also include studio spaces, located on the first floor and easily accessible via lifts, are all large, luxurious, bright rooms with climate control, full blackout capabilities, state of the art soundproofing and Wi-Fi facilities, as well as 24-hour security.

David Byrne, The Artistic Director at The New Diorama said: ” ND2 means that for the first time, The New Diorama can open its doors across the industry by offering some of the very best, new rehearsal spaces in central London – fully accessible, sizeable spaces that are both easy to get to, and among the best value in the Capital. It’s thrilling to be able to bring so many artists together under one roof: I can’t wait to see what we come up with. ” 


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