On the 22nd April at a secret location, The Immersive Ensemble  will present an evening of secret societies, cocktails and dancing…

An invitation has been extended to a world just outside of view. ‘The Club’ is meeting in a secret location in central London on the 22nd of April and is open to new members. 

An immersive evening for the inquisitive, the intrigued and those willing to look a little closer. 

With tickets costing £30 per person, guests can see if they have what it takes to gain a membership to the club by completing a number of different tasks, immersing themselves into a secret society or simply sip on a cocktail, enjoy the food and dance the night away.

The Immersive Ensemble’s previous events include immersive experiences titled ‘The Drop Off‘ and ‘The Great Gatsby‘. It is a company that is formed from a collection of creatives, performers and playwrights and aims to offer exciting theatre that puts the audience right at the heart of the show.

For more information on ‘The Club’ and booking information, visit: http://www.theimmersiveensemble.com/


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