Review Round Up: Their Finest

Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton star in Lone Scherfig’s film about love set against the backdrop of World War II. But what have critics been saying about it? 

The Guardian: **** “Arterton brings a rather beautiful kind of restraint to her role.”

The Independent: **** “some of the in-jokes begin to grate but the film has enough heart never simply to seem like a lampoon of wartime British cinema.”

The Mirror: **** “Gemma Arterton makes movie magic in this hugely entertaining Second World War comedy drama.”

Empire: **** “Their Finest is a slight, warm, funny delight, informed by a gently etched feminist agenda.”

Evening Standard: *** “Their Finest offers an entertaining portrait of an industry that routinely snatches victory from the jaws of dross.”

The Telegraph: **** “Sparklingly adapted by Gaby Chiappe.”

Den of Geek: *** (1/2) “as entertaining as it is inspiring, just like the movie that’s being made in the movie.”

Irish Times: **** “The best Lone Scherfig film since 2009’s An Education.”

Express: *** “too often rather sluggish, stagey and awkwardly contrived. ”

Radio Times: **** “Though it stays pleasingly light, using a beautifully balanced cast of old stalwarts and rising stars, Scherfig’s film never sugarcoats the issues.”

Time Out: **** “while she’s thoroughly committed to serving both the rom and the com (the film is genuinely sweet, and at times very funny) Scherfig somehow never falls into any of the obvious traps.”

The Sun: **** “This is something more than a wartime romance drama. It is compassionate and draws you completely in.”

Herald Scotland: “there is a lot to enjoy in Scherfig’s piece. Its love of film as an epically silly but life-enhancing endeavour, and its affection for the characters, shine through.”

The Financial Times: *** “Scherfig and Chiappe emerge as true believers in the splendour of movies — and their ideal home, the cinema. Here, the packed picture house really is a palace, rowdy and crowded and glittering with magic.”

The London Economic: ” Their Finest does charm and entertain with well-cast and enjoyable characters but struggles to have anything substantial to say about the war effort and the production of propaganda films. It may not be a film to delve too deeply into but it can be fun while it lasts.”

Culture Whisper: **** “It’s Arterton’s film, though, and none of the preening male characters would be bearable without her presence.”

Their Finest is in cinemas now. 

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