Jez Butterworth’s new play is now open at the Royal Court Theatre, directed by Sam Mendes – but what have critics been saying about it? 

The Ferryman

The Guardian: ***** “The Ferryman is profligate, boisterous, far-reaching.”

The London Economic: **** “This is an intensely naturalistic play, Sam Mendes direction is superb, beautifully capturing the rhythm of Butterworth’s sublime writing- the action unravels effortlessly before our eyes.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “Mendes’ direction brings poetry to the most immensely detailed naturalism.”

The Independent: ***** “a richly absorbing and emotionally abundant play, directed with detailed humane mastery by Sam Mendes.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “Some stories touch you; this one takes root. It stuns you, stays with you and somehow feels a part of you. Do what you must to get a ticket.”

The Times: ***** “You would think it might be something special and you would be right.”

Broadway World: ***** ” An unforgettable piece of theatre that will no doubt be talked about for decades to come.”

The Telegraph: ***** “As good as Jerusalem? Well, perhaps not, but that’s beside the point. Miss this and you’ve missed a marvel. ”

Exeunt Magazine: “bang-out brilliant show – directed with verve and control by Sam Mendes.”

Time Out: ***** “even though lengthy stretches are nothing more than generations bickering at the breakfast table, nothing feels wasted, every strand is respected, Mendes choreographs everything to perfection.” 

British ***** “the production is gripping as it subtly builds up the tension but also provides plenty of laughs.”

A Younger Theatre: “Mendes’ firm, focused grasp on the narrative’s gradually growing pressure makes this new Butterworth play so engaging you won’t check your watch once.”

The Upcoming: ***** “The genius of The Ferryman is just how much Butterworth manages to squeeze out of such an overdone structure.”

London ***** “Sam Mendes’ alternately boisterous and reflective production is teaming with life.”

Everything Theatre: ***** “The Ferryman is everything you would expect a show of its hype to be, and more: a deep, heart-breaking look at the effects of unrelenting political discord across generations.”

Evening Standard: ***** “The Ferryman has its own distinct tang of humour and menace. A feast of intricate storytelling, it’s absorbing, soulful and ultimately shattering.”

The FT: ***** “a magnificent new play that uses, brilliantly, the vitality of live theatre to express the deadly legacy of violence.”

British Theatre Guide: “has combined elements of Greek tragedy with a shrewd commentary on recent Irish history in the wrapping of a high octane family drama.”

Variety: “Paddy Considine (“Tyrannosaur”) puts in a phenomenal performance as a father fighting against his past.”

Theatre Cat: “the performances in Sam Mendes’ production well match up to the material”

The Plays The Thing: “This earthy, visceral play is an instant classic.”

The Bardette: “The Ferryman is a beautifully crafted piece of theatre that touches everyone who watches.”

The Ferryman continues to play at the Royal Court Theatre until the 20th May before transferring to the West End. 


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