REVIEW: Catch Me (Attrape-Moi), Flip FabriQue, Underbelly Festival

With all the flying around that goes on during this lively and quirky circus show the title accurately sums up what its all about…

Catch Me, Flip FabriQue, credit Richard Davenport (9)..JPG
Catch Me, Flip FabriQUE. (c) Richard Davenport

Why are circus acts so fascinating? Is it because of the thrill of watching incredibly skilled people put through their paces? Is it the exciting ways they choreograph the shows so seamlessly? Or is it the inventiveness that they take a trick done many times before and transform it into something even more spectacular? Well in the case of Flip FabriQUE it is this heady combination of all three that makes Catch Me a delight an thrill to watch.

Formed of six friends and performers, Flip FabriQUE is a new kid on the block in terms of circus acts and has plenty to offer in terms of edginess in style and yet slick enough that even on the (very occasional) moments that go wrong even the recovery looks part of the act.

What Catch Me reveals is  a highly talented troupe of performers, who are clearly very close and trust each other explicitly in order to carry out many of the tricks that they do throughout. It also shows how circus can be playful and yet have an emotional edge to it as well – as some of the slower solo acts prove.

But it is the way in which they are able to take a simple trick such as juggling and somehow turn it into a mesmerising and spectacularly choreographed sequence that keeps the audience entertained throughout, all done with great energy and passion.

Every performer has their chance to shine with plenty of personality, but it is Bruno Gagnon who is the perfect clown throughout, slightly geekish but always loveable and engaging with the audience. All of the cast throw themselves (literally) into each section of the performance with great enthusiasm and joy that of course affects the audience.

While some of the energy and pacing might begin to slack towards the end, but is soon revitalised thanks to a spectacular trampoline involved climax that literally leaves everyone on a high in the best way.

Never taking itself too seriously, Flip FabriQUE have created a loveable, quirky and edgy circus show that was a great way to cap off a day in London. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

Catch Me (Attrape-Moi) will be performed by Flip FabriQUE at the Underbelly Festival until the 9th July. For more information and to book tickets visit:


Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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