Five Reasons You Need to Visit… The Underbelly Festival

London is constantly filled with a variety of festivals for Londoners and tourists to enjoy – but here are five reasons why the Underbelly Festival is a highlight in the calendar… 


1. The Atmosphere: when you step into this specially allocated space, you immediately feel relaxed, surrounded by chatter and laughter that is the perfect way to spend the perfect summer evening in the capital. Its chilled out vibe is a perfect way to escape from the pressures of the day.


2. The Variety: the Underbelly Festival always has an exciting programme lined up in terms of entertainment – including comedy, circus and cabaret that is suitable for all ages, with this year being no different. This year’s line up includes performances from Al Murray, Austentatious, Flip FabriQUE, Sara Pascoe, Shit-Face Shakespeare and Stephen K Amos to name a few.

But it is not only a variety of shows to watch, the festival also has a variety of stalls, selling a variety of food and drink to suit all tastes and offering more people to soak up the festival’s atmosphere.

3. Entertainment: all of the festival’s programme is lively and quirky, offering audiences a chance to experience a variety of work performed by artists who you might not necessarily heard of. It is a chance to celebrate the work of up and coming artists as well as a chance to enjoy the work of more familiar faces in an intimate space. There is always guaranteed to be something that you will enjoy.

4. Perfect way to spend a Summer’s evening: based along the Southbank, this is the perfect place to simply watch the world go by as the sun begins to set and to catch up with friends after a long day at work.

5. It is always a lively affair: from the chatter of audiences enjoying a drink before the show to the performances themselves, it is always a lively and uplifting experience to lift the spirits of anyone who is in need of a lift.

To find out what is happening at the Underbelly festival visit:

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