As rehearsals begin, casting for the world premiere of King Kong has been confirmed. 

King Kong poster

Arriving at The Vaults from the 22nd June, this new comedy from Daniel Clarkson is based on the classic ape story to bring terror and laughter to London.

It has been confirmed that Sam Donnelly, Benjamin Chamberlain, Rob Crouch, Alix Dunmore and  Brendan Murphy will star in the production directed by Owen Lewis.

Follow our intrepid cast as they journey to uncharted waters in search of the Eighth Wonder of the World – a gorilla so enormous he instils fear in all who set eyes on him. As hunter becomes the hunted, our story takes us to the iconic skyline of New York City and one burning question must be answered: just how many bananas should we order in?

The production’s creative team includes: set design by Simon Scullion, costumes and props by Sophia Simensky, lighting by Tim Mascall and sound by Sam Clarkson.

King Kong will play at The Vaults from the 22nd June until the 23rd July. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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